The 5 Most Important Parts of a Mountain Bike

When you buy a mountain bike, you need to consider a number of things. First you need to decide on the type of the mountain bike. This varies according to the terrain and the style of your mountain biking. Cross country mountain bikes are lightweight and are good for moderate outdoor use. Hardtail mountain bikes have a rear seat post which has no suspension. Full suspension mountain bikes have both front and back suspension. These are ideal for riding in very bumpy trails. Downhill mountain bikes are meant for long slopes and have heavy duty brakes. Freeride mountain bikes are Continue Reading →

5 Best Ways to Become a Mountain Bike Pro

Mountain biking allows you to freely explore the natural terrain. It requires more technical skill than normal biking. Concentrate on your weakness and try to develop it. You should practice it more. A good bike park is a good place to practice. As you progress, you can choose different levels of terrain. Here are some tips on how to become a mountain bike pro. #1 Relax your body and mind If you have a tensed body then it will magnify all the bumps on the trail. So, you should relax your whole body. #2 Use your arms and legs as Continue Reading →

5 Training Secrets for Mountain Bike Racers

There is something exhilarating about grabbing your mountain bike and hitting the trail. It’s no wonder that in recent years there has been a great demand for training secrets for mountain bike racers. Whenever any mountain bike racer wants to enhance performance, there are certain key areas that one has consider when designing a training regimen. In this column, 5 training secrets for mountain bike racers are presented. Base your Training Days on the Actual Race Time While it might seem like an obvious practice to design your training based on the distance of the race, it’s not uncommon to Continue Reading →

6 Tips for Surviving a Mountain Bike Stage Race

Performing well in a mountain bike stage race is as much about preparation and logistics as fitness. Each time you participate in a mountain bike stage race, you discover something new and acquire valuable experience that makes you a better rider in your next race. If you are new to mountain bike stage racing, you might experience a hard time completing the event, let alone completing among the top positions. It is for this reason that you need to be armed with some vital tips and strategies for completing the race, and here are some useful ones you need to Continue Reading →