fabienMONDRAKER Factory Team is a mountain bike team of four talented people. Our team member Fabien Barel is one of the most active riders in the industry. He has created this team and is the manager of the team. He has won a number of World Championship titles, World Cups and many more prizes.

He is involved in charity events like URGE Nepal and URGE Kenya. He is working effortlessly to develop the team. Damien is a very strong rider. He has been working with the team for three years now. With his talent and hard work he has made his place on the Top 20 in the World Cup circuit. Besides being a mountain bike rider, he is also a ski instructor.

Aure is a new rider and a member of our team having a motocross and BMX background. He won the National Championship in 4X and held 12th place at the World Championship in Canberra in 2009. He will be working with Fabien all this year.


Paul Walton is the key person of this team. He has a background in engineering. He has been working with Fabien for the last 7 years. He is involved with all the research and development works of the team. He is responsible for meeting with sponsors, closing deals or solving any disputes. He is also in charge of managing the logistics and maintaining daily team routine. Overall, he is responsible for providing all kinds of support to the three riders. Don’t forget to subscribe to his blog.

We are a very strong mountain bike team with endless dreams. We work together as a team to achieve our goals.